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Learning Planet
Learning Planet

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Building Temporary Classrooms: Part II

It’s been an incredible two weeks, racing against the clock. But after 37 days at home, our kids are finally back at school. In Dhawa, we completed the first complete temporary school in the district, with enough room to house all 600 children. Well done Giri! In Gorkha, Dhading, Nuwakot, Roshua and the Kathmandu valley, our TLCs are being built in at least 10 VDCs, and counting. In Dhawa, Chautara, Marpak, Hansapur, Bungkot, Deurali and Kerabari, classrooms are up, and serving as distribution and training points for the surrounding villages. High up in the Chum valley People in Need are about to fly 40 of our classrooms into 4 more VDCs. In the capital, Durbar high school and Shree Mangal boarding school are showing what can be done to key decision makers with just a little bamboo and a good idea. And each day more amazing partners join us to get our classrooms into the places they’re needed most.

Tomorrow specially made canvas for more than 100 more classrooms will be ready to deploy. And each week we hope to double that reach. With our partners Tents to Nepal and ABARI It’s amazing where things can lead, when you share the same goals. Thanks Paulo for keeping the trucks, jeeps and choppers moving. And thanks to all of you for keeping us smiling.