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Learning Planet
Learning Planet

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What We Do

What We Do

Learning Planet work in partnership with remote rural communities to improve their access to education & training, renewable energy, clean water, and technology & communications infrastructure.

Our work is supported by a great many sponsors, who provide invaluable technical, logistic, medical and financial support.

We help communities connect with markets, skills, labour, and investors from outside, to create opportunities,  products or profits to launch and sustain their projects.



Our Theory of Change

Our theory of change brings together four things that we know for sure:

  • Schools should be at the heart of every community. They’re where the future is.
  • Education is not just a basic need, or right. But a life long opportunity to seek and understand.
  • Innovation and technology can solve the most challenging of problems. But imagination can achieve the impossible.
  • Community is the most important asset. But a mindset for positive change needs to be nurtured to succeed.

How We Work

All of our projects broadly stem from four simple ideas: engagebuild, sustain, and inspire.

Everything begins with trust. So we sit together with a community and talk, eat, dance or celebrate. Nothing happens until we engage.

We build on that communal trust together – by designing, financing, constructing or renovating communal buildings – schools mostly, but sometimes pump houses, roads or even bridges.

Everything we do together, has to sustain itelf. So we focus on providing the infrastructure needed to support schools, community centers and villagers, from electricity and water, to high-speed internet and communications.

We try not to do anything that doesn’t inspire us to reach for the stars, or simply celebrate the wonder of life. So we focus on cultural exchange, the arts, training amazing teachers and making lessons fun.


Our Mission

We work with remote or disadvantaged communities to create inspiring, sustainable learning spaces where both children and adults and develop and learn new skills.

Our Vision

We think rural village schools should be the communal and commercial hubs at the centre of village life; institutions that can self sustain, and be built, managed, and maintained by the communities that enjoy them.